Friday, January 30, 2009

Business Hours

I leisurely extract myself from bed between 7:30 and 8:30 AM.

I may wander out for breakfast as early as 9AM, at which time about the only things open are the corner grocery store “hole-in-the-wall” and the public market. It’s not until 10 that the other eateries that serve the breakfast crowd open. Remember, Zacatecas is no major metropolis.

With some exceptions, businesses don’t open till 11AM making 10-10:30 the right time to grab some breakfast before work. Then, they close at between 1 and 3 PM for a big lunch plus siesta, opening again from around 5 till somewhere between 8 and 9.

9PM is when the restaurants’ supper business picks up. I use the term restaurant loosely. It could be anything from a lady on the corner with a basket of tamales or a pot of corn on the cob to the fanciest place in town.

I have to admit I’m still not certain who is open when, but it is clear that there are few, if any, worms for the early bird to catch.

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