Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spanish - Spanglish - English

I guess I just get a kick out of the idiosyncracies I find in the different dialects of spanish I run into in different countries. Mexico is especially interesting to me because I'm here.

I spent most of Sunday and Monday traveling from Zacatecas to McAllen, TX and from McAllen to Zamora. Along the way, I saw several signs with English words used in their normal context as if they were part of Spanish, which they are. I was also reminded of some words that I saw or heard on TV. Here are some of them:

Party - parties are a big business in Mexico - baptisms, first communions, 15th birthday for girls and of course weddings. A business in Zamora is named the Party Place.

There are are several businesses this far into the country that dear in parts and service.

A commercial for Epson printers uses the phrase, "Sorry Hewlett Packard."

But watch out for pronunciation.

Heinz is pronounced like Hanes.
Buffet is pronounced boo-fet.

Of course OK (okay) and trailer (trayler - pronounced try-lair and yonke (yawn-key for junk) have been around for a long time. Which of the above is Spanglish and which is just a matter of "natural" spanish pronunciation, I'm not sure.

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