Friday, June 4, 2010

We've been adopted, sorta

His owners don’t seem to give him much attention and sometime in the past someone must have treated him badly because the first time I approached him, he reacted as if he was afraid I’d hit or kick him. Physically, he obviously well cared for, well nourished and wears a collar.

Ever since our next-door neighbors moved in, the gate to our cul-de-sac is left open for periods when people are coming and going. That’ll end in July after the elections. One day I saw the two girls next-door playing with an unusual looking multicolored dog and asked about him.

He actually belongs to another neighbor and runs loose a lot of the time. Yeah, it’s allowed down here. His name is Morgan and after I made friends with him, he comes by the house most days looking for affection. Except for being insistent about being petted in specific places, he’s well behaved and gentle.

He’s a handsome, “funny looking” animal. I say funny looking because he’s salt and pepper gray, white, black and orange-brown.

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