Friday, November 25, 2011

Today Was Tianguis Day

Today was tianguis day which I blogged about last week:

Cristy and I went again today to avoid having to go downtown or even Walmart if we could .

We ended up buying a bunch of stuff that may meet out fruit end vegetable needs for 5 days to a week. The list includes:
Bananas (6)
Oranges (6)
Mandarin Oranges (12)
A cantaloupe
Red Tomatoes (2lb.)
Green Tomatoes (2lb.)
Guavas (1lb.)
Onions (2 large)
Cucumber (1)
Little Green Lemons/Limes [Limones] (12)

The total bill was 52.5 pesos or around $4.00 using the rate the last time I bought pesos.

Rice, beans and tortillas are equally low priced which explains how the poor can eat healthily on a meager income.

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