Friday, January 30, 2009


For a Mexican adult, a driver’s license is of only secondary importance for ID. It’s the voter’s credential which is the primary proof of identity and age. Hmmm. . . ., there was a big flap over photo ID’s for voting and how it would discriminate against the disadvantaged to make them have to go get ID’s. Well, in Mexico where a far greater percentage of the population is poor, the people don’t think it’s a burden to prove they have the right to vote. The credentials are issued at no cost and are good for 8 years if you don’t move. Oh, you live way out in the boondocks or it would be a hassle to go downtown? No worry, mobile units canvas the whole area during sign up season. It seems clear that the Democrats’ refusal to approve this type of voter registration had nothing to do with fairness and justice.

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