Saturday, February 7, 2009

Money - Cash, Efectivo

Go to the ATM in the US and you get a pile of $20's. Boring.

Down here, go to the ATM for 5,000 pesos and you get:
6-500's - pink banknote stock
6-200's - green
5-100's - red banknote stock
6-50's - purple

Now, ain't that fun! The 200's and 50's come in 2 sizes, new smaller plastic sheet, old larger banknote stock. There's also a blue 20 peso bill that comes in the same two forms as the 50. There is a mix of 5 different sizes of bill.

Using the ATM's is no different from the US, there's even an option to get your prompts in English. I have been getting my cash from the ATM's because one bank has a business relationship with my bank in the US and I get a better rate than other banks or money exchanges. It might be a good idea to check with your bank before you travel overseas to see if you can save by using a certain bank at your destination.

BTW, 5000 pesos cost me $352.66 today. Using another bank or money exchange might have cost 10 to 20 dollars more. Well, that's a meal in a good to fine restaurant.

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