Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We arrived at the Oaxaca bus station at around 10PM last night 12/22 and the place was jammed. Different from other bus stations in Mexico, this one was exclusively for the bus line we take in the Southern part of Mexico, ADO. Brand new, modern and clean. (Photos and videos forthcoming; I'm too tired and lazy to review the 100s I've taken of Oaxaca).

There was no place to sit so we waited outside in cool, comfortable weather for our 11:30PM departure. Because of timing, most people travel by night, getting a decent amount of sleep, and arrive refreshed early in the morning. We arrived in Huatulco at about 8AM, way too early to check in, so I upgraded to Club Premier which gives us access to a special lounge where snacks (smoked salmon, etc. and open bar with international beverages are available from 7AM to 11PM and all the extra charge restaurants are included instead of just the buffet. As you can see, there's Internet too, which would have cost $12/day anyhow.

The hotel, Barcel0 Hustulco appears to be a tropical paradise, the weather is sunny and warm and we're the only two guests running around in longsleeve shirts. That will be fixed once our room is ready at about 2PM. Spritz with sunblock, change to swimsuits and hit the beach. Cristy's got a Bailey's Cream in Hand and I'm about to go for a screwdriver with fresh orange juice and Absolut.

See you later.

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