Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Tale of 2 Prescriptions and Incipient Senility

Back in the US, my doc prescribed Lotrel which contains two ingredients. It was costing about $100/mo. Then they came out with a generic at about $65/mo. That still seemed high so I searched the Internet and found a Canadian mail order pharmacy that would supply 100 of one ingredient and 90 of the other for $75. Doc was happy to write new prescriptions. While in Mexico, I ordered a year's worth of each. My doc down here reduced the dosage and I ran out of one of the ingredients two weeks ago. I made the rounds of a dozen drugstores to see if they had a Lotrel equivalent without success, so I bought 20 of the one ingredient for $41 which would come out to $180 for a 3mo. supply without the second ingredient. I did an Internet search and found Novartis has a Lotrel equivalent, but none of the pharmacies said they could get it. Just today I remembered a pharmacy that filled a prescription for Xanax which I was directed to because that handle most all brand name drugs. Success, I think, because they said they can get it by, maybe tomorrow, for $85 for a 3 mo. supply. Duh! Why didn't I think of them first! Incipient senility. Just wish me luck that they come through before I run out again because next time I'll be out of both ingredients.

Well, here's an update!

After 3 tries, the pharmacy didn't come through! I emailed the company and found out they don't sell it anymore in Mexico.

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