Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet, Sour, Spicy and Mouthwatering

Years ago while visiting relatives in Tennessee, it blew me away that they sprinkled salt on watermelon and cantaloupe. Till I tried it.

Years later, I saw Southerners putting hot sauce on fried eggs. It didn't blow me away, I tried it and could appreciate the attraction but never made it a habit.
The kids used to love Mexican chile candy. Just like the powdered sweet sour candy in the US but with a dash of chile thrown in. Or a jam-like concoction based on fruit pulp laced with chile. Not bad.

Then Cristy came up with something else a few days ago.

She cut up some cantaloupe and watermelon in bite-sized cubes and sliced some jicama in thick strips. Next she sprinkled lemon juice over all three arranged on a plate. This was followed by ground black pepper and a secret mixture of ground chile she bought at the market in Zamora. To die for!

If you can find ground chile (not chili powder) it's worth a try. It should be good on almost any fruit you can serve sliced. It might take some experimenting, especially the ground chile, to get the right balance of flavors.

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  1. Ground chile goes great on chilled orange halves, as well.