Friday, November 25, 2011

Holy Mole and other expenses.

We had to go downtown anyhow after the morning's purchases at the tianguis. We needed to get a couple of prescriptions filled and Cristy decided she wanted make a special kind of mole that's not based on lard or lots of grease. Mole is a traditional sauce that has a lot of ingredients that produce a mix of flavors that is unique to Mexico.

Note the comment about mole poblano traditionally being served with turkey. We'll be doing a post-Thanksgiving turkey on Monday or Tuesday.

The reason for trying Cristy's recipe is that it can be kept low fat, low salt and low sugar, meeting all the goals of my post bypass diet.

The ingredients are:
Chile ancho
Chile nopalero
Mexican chocolate which contains raw sugar and cinnamon
Bay leaves
Sesame seeds
Just enough oil to fry the chiles and sesame seeds

If you would like to try mole just Google "recipe mexican mole" without the quotes.

Besides the mole ingredients, we also picked up some strawberries at about 96 cents/lb, peanuts and raisins I use for snacks.

The mole ingredients and snacks plus a taxi ride back up the hill came out at about $17. Mole is not an everyday delicacy unless you buy a small jar of commercial mole in the supermarket, the same brand as found in the Mexican Foods section of US supermarkets, good but not as good as homemade.

It was

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