Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking the Kids to School in Zacatecas

The building in the background it a large primary school.  Grades 1-6, I beleve.  There are enough classrooms for 4 classes per grade.  Even though a lot of the kids live within 4 blocks of the school, many parents drop the kids off in the morning around 7 and pick them up at 2.  Class starts and ends early because 2PM is the traditional "comida" hour.  That's the big meal of the day.  Supper may be anytime after 8PM.  It's one of the nice things about local culture that many families can take the one or two hours to enjoy the meal and family.  More and more stores run a 9 to 9 schedule or at best an 11 to 9 schedule that don't allow employees the 2 hours for lunch.  Manufacturing companies often run an 8-8 1/2 hour schedule providing a hot meal during a half-hour lunch break.

I'm happy I found a place where the traditions that make the Mexican culture attractive still abound.  It's no longer true in cities of 500,000 or more.

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