Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chicken Soup, It's Not Just Jewish Penicillin

I went to La Cabaña Taqueria for supper tonight. It was kind of cold and windy and they had chicken soup on the menu. I figured, why not? Surprise, surprise, it was just like grandma used to make. Well, not quite. Yeah, there were whole pieces of chicken, carrots and onions in a rich broth. But, there was a strange looking pale green vegetable shaped like a slice of a very small honeydew mellon and since they had all the acoutrements for tacos already on the table, after sampling the soup (excellent), I spritzed a little bit of lemon juice in it. It really brought out the chicken flavor. And, to add to the adventure, I went ahead and scraped some chopped onion and a few leaves of cilantro on top.

That pale green vegetable was chayote. Has a texture a good bit firmer than a cucumber and a delicate flavor that just added an undertone to the symphony of flavors.

And you know? It did wonders for my sense of well being. So we can add Penicilina Mexicana to the Granny's Pharmacopia.

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