Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Hot!, It's not!, Why not?

Tacos for breakfast. Overdid the hot sauce. My mouth did not burn.
Gorditas for supper. At a place known for its fiery food. Just a pleasant tingle.

Maybe I've been here long enough that my tongue is building up some scar tissue. I'm not about to start scarfing down handfuls of Habaneros. I guess I'll just be a little bit bolder when I order in a restaurant.

Gorditas, BTW, don't look anything like Taco Bell's. They have a machine that punches out circles of fairly thick dough. A lady then shapes them by hand and throws them on a grill. When they're done, she slits them along the edge with a sharp knife and stuffs with the filling ordered.

I had egg, sorta like scrambled eggs with Spanish Omelette sauce. Three months ago, the chile nearly took the roof of my mouth off. Tonight, it just went down smooth.

I also had Rice and Mole, a chile and chocolate laden sauce. Only a week ago, my tongue was smarting for a half hour. Today, just a little bit of heat.

Then again, maybe they ran short of chiles today. Who knows?

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