Monday, July 20, 2009

Electrical Wiring

This is the fuse box in my little place.Two, count them two, 30 amp fuses. But that's not all, they appear to be wired in series.

Shortly after I moved in, one blew and everything in the house went out. So, they brought a new fuse, replaced it, and NOTHING. Apparently the fuse wasn't making contact. Pulled the other fuse and what did they find? There was a copper coin under the fuse. OK, so they put a coin under the other one. No trouble since.

On top of that there are only two electric outlets in my living/dining room.That's where I have:

2 computers
2 external hard drives
1 monitor
1 printer
computer speakers
cable modem
cable box
plasma tv
paper shredder
all plugged into two daisy-chained 8 socket voltage regulators.

I wonder how many amps I'm drawing in just this room.

In the kitchen, I have refrigerator, toaster oven, coffemaker, blender, juicer, coffee grinder all plugged into one socket with a surge protector. Well, I don't use them all at once.

Smoke detector? What's a smoke detector?

Well, there's nothing flammable in the structure of the building only a bit of furniture. Worst case, I'm only 5 ft. from the balcony and can let myself down from the second floor without breaking a leg.

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