Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not so "Green" grocery bags and compact flourescent bulbs

I bought a reusable grocery bag in Sam’s Club yesterday. It was only about a dollar. As soon as I wheeled the cart out the door, I loaded it up. Wow, the handles are so long, you have to be about 6’5” tall to hold it comfortably. Then too, the handles are so thin they’ll start cutting into your hand if you carry it for any distance.

This object is called “The Green Bag” alluding to its environmental friendliness.

Once I got home I read the labels. It’s 100% polyethylene. Huh? That’s a plastic, isn’t it? That’s made from petroleum with dirty energy, isn’t it? How many times do I have to use it for there to be a net environmental savings?

Is this how Sam’s and Wal-Mart go “Green?”

There’s more. The bag is rated at a 9kg capacity. Folks, that’s almost 20lbs. Try carrying that for a mile; something I do frequently when I go grocery shopping.

I also noticed that compact fluorescent bulbs have come down to less than $1.00 each. Big deal? The kicker is they are only guaranteed for 3 months, not the 5 year life advertised on the package. Is this another form of rip off?

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