Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mexican Construction Techniques

"Catcher" is a carpenter/cabinetmaker

by profession and is the landlord's

foreman dealing with other workers

doing maintenance on his properties.

It turns out he's also a contractor for

doing finish work on new construction.

After dropping Cristy off at the bus

station, he took me to a house his crew

is working on. Surprise! All the

moulding and detail work on the walls

and ceilings is plaster. Some of it is

precast and a lot of it is done in place.

He explained that even though the

house settles and cracks develop, it's

easy to repair the plaster.

Doors with details and carving like those

in my house are built up from solid

pieces of wood.

Sure blows common stereotypes out of

the water.

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