Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oaxaca - Huatulco Trip Chapter 1 - 12/19

The bus left for Mexico City a 10:50PM last night and arrived at 6:30AM this morning. We slept through just about all of the trip, so no sweat.

The mass of humanity passing through or just waiting in place in the humongous Mexico Norte (one of 4 terminals) Central de Autobuses was a 50 minute obstacle course getting to the departure gate. We made the 7:30AM departure with ten minutes to spare.

Again, we slept through just about all of the 7 hour run, arriving in Oaxaca pretty well refreshed at 2:30PM

After dropping our stuff at the hotel, we wandered the Zocalo and Alameda dressed in it Christmas finery. Supper at an excellent restaurant overlooking the Alameda was followed by another stroll enjoying music and other manifestations of the season.

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