Saturday, March 6, 2010

Complicated Day

Decisions, decisions! Cristy wanted to walk downtown to a specific drugstore. OK, we needed to get out of the house anyway. We noticed that there's a small "gourmet" bakery with a tuna pie sign out front about a block and a half from the house. so we went in. Every thing looked good, but we decided to wait for another day because we didn't want to carry it with us. We chatted with the salesgirl a bit, said thank you and walked out. "Hey, would you like to try a tuna turnover?" We turned around and sampled one. Excellent, we'll definitely go back. On the way to the drugstore, we passed one of the tamale vendors we buy from regularly. Should we get some for breakfast tomorrow? Why not? Let's do it on the way home. What makes you think we're coming back this way? We're walking home, no? All the way uphill, unh unh, and better the Oaxacan tamales around the corner. Well, we got the stuff Cristy wanted from the drugstore and wandered into the center of town. There were a couple of people standing across from the cathedral dressed in 16th Century costumes. They are promoting a nighttime "Legends of Zacatecas" tour. Maybe some other time, it looks like it may rain. Sure enough, it started to rain at about the time the tour was scheduled to start. Hey, Santa Cruz Bakery is right around the corner, why not get some bolillos? (photo) They're something like French or Italian bread used to be, crusty on the outside, tender on the inside only more crusty, about 6" long and make great sandwiches. We went and while waiting to pay, Cristy noticed the big pot on the stove. They have tamales and they're good, we had them before. "Add a half dozen tamales, please." A decision that made itself. When we got to the taxi stand, I said, "Let's cross the street to see if we can catch one going in the other direction and avoid the downtown traffic jam which was very evident. We did so, got a taxi in 2 minutes and got home in 5 minutes instead of 20, just seconds before it started to rain. A complicated day featuring good decisions.

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