Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Expat Chagrin

I wimped out and left the US for several reasons.
  High cost of living
  Direct interference by government at all levels
  in the peaceful pursuit of my private life in:
    Metairie, Louisiana
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Kennesaw, Georgia
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    Tampa, Florida
    Durham, North Carolina
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  Not one elected official at any level would respond to
  any of my concerns
  In other words, I was and am being taxed without

In Mexico I can live a lifestyle where I don’t have to
interact with government more than once a year
and then under a set of rules I choose to accept.

Still, the political circus and its stupidities affect
me directly because much of my income is dependent
on Social Security and how it deals with private pensions.

Being a client of the US government gives me a license
to express my concerns.

I’m concerned about the fickleness of the voters.

They voted for change last year.

This year it appears that those voters are not satisfied
with the flavor, quantity or direction of the change.

Well, duh?
Why didn’t you listen to the words that were being said?
Why didn’t you take note of the candidate’s associates
and their backgrounds?
Why didn’t you look into the pedigrees of his closest
advisors and contributors.

Democrat and Republican ideologues can be excused
because they are the way they are and are not
susceptible to reason.

But you so-called independents, the ones who actually
elected the president, were you seduced by the sweet
words and empty promises of goodies that you could
expect from government? Will you now be seduced by
different sweet words and emptier promises from a
different glib con artist?

Is a bidding war to see who will give you more, the
only basis for deciding who you will vote for?

Is that what democracy is all about?

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