Saturday, March 21, 2009

In the Spirit of Making Lemonade

A few blocks from Cristy's house in Zamora, behind a small shopping center, there's a car wash.

Right nextdoor, some "entrepreneurs" have set up to wash and detail cars by hand. Illegal yes, but a small payoff to the local cops avoids problems.
So what's so terrible about that? People come by Cristy's house offering to sharpen knives, mow the lawn, take care of the flower beds, sell delicacies of one sort or another. Just like it was for me growing up in Brooklyn in the late 40's.
Corrupt? Which is worse, corruption in the billions and no access to government on an individual basis to solve your problems like in the States or corruption in pennies and personal access to a government that is flexible enough to bend the rules where it does no harm?
How come, never in Las Vegas or New Olreans or Raleigh or Atlanta did anyone come by offering any kind of personal service. Was it because it was too easy to let the government take of you and just sit back and cry about how life had handed you lemons?

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