Thursday, May 14, 2009

I ran out of fruit last night and also wanted to get some chorizo to go in an omelette with some Mennonite cheese I bought yesterday. (Mennonite cheese comes from a colony in Chihuahua that was founded in the mid 1800s when they were invited by Benito Juarez to escape persecution in the US.) It has a consistency like mozzerella but has a definite flavor. Absolute great on pizza and quesadillas, naturally.
At 9AM there was almost nobody on the streets until I got within a block of the market. Then it was still mostly vendors setting up or already open.
It was nice doing my shopping without having to climb over a bunch of pushing and shoving housewives to make my purchases. At any rate, six apples, six bananas, a pineapple and a half pound of chorizo was 60 pesos ($4.50), a good deal, I think.
The downside is that, unlike years ago, they use plastic bags now and if you are going to carry 10lbs. of stuff home, best bring a heavy duty sack or backpack. I've seen people carrying canvas sacks, but haven't seen them on sale anywhere. I guess I better ask.

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  1. Those fruits look yummy.
    I think I need to go to the market on Saturday as well :)
    Gotta get some vitamins :)
    And yes, I dislike shopping with a bunch of shoving people as well, blaeh.