Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Started

Alicia, my housekeeper and her husband, after helping me move over the weekend, came yesterday to start getting me organized. we got a good start but there's still a long way to go. There's not enough closet space, which I knew going and I have an idea to fix that. I can move the armoire in the bedroom and have a pipe hung which will give us plenty of room to hang clothes. I checked with the owner's handyman and he's going to check prices, but doesn't think it'll be more that $15 for materials and I guess somewhere between $5 and $15 will do for labor.

That's just an interim solution. I know a carpenter who can probably build me a moveable closet to fit in the alcove the armoire is in now. That'll give us more than twice the storage space we have now and we'll be able to take it with us if we leave.

There's not much food in the house yet, some Maruchan and a dozen eggs. Alicia's cooking at her home today and will bring it tomorrow.
I don't know if I mentioned it before, stoves are a bit different in Mexico. That black piece in the center is a comal. The traditional Mexican comal refers to any simple, round, or oval, shallow cooking pan used primarily for dry baking and roasting.They come in all sizes and can be made from cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum. Most comales are raw, uncoated or untreated and require seasoning prior to use. The principal use in the home is for heating tortillas and making quesadillas. This particular one is removable and there are two regular burners underneath.
We can have six pots going at once, neat?

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